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Bottom Load Stavac Pouch/Bag

Bottom Load pouch is a very strong and clear/gold/silver material designed for tough food and industrial applications.  It’s high nylon/metalize/foil content enables it to be used in critical vacuum applications that require strength and impact resistance. This FDA approved film does not stretch due to the orientation of layers during the laminating process. It can be converted in many ways:  2-seal pouch(bottom open) Tamper Evident bag, 3-seal pouch, side gusset, stand up pouch and tubing.  Features include: recloseable zipper, tear notch, round hang hole, and sombrero hang hole & bottom load.  The NP500 can also be surface printed or reverse-trapped printed.  It is available in web widths to 60”
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
BF-68-GOLD-SHA6" X 8"1000 15 lbs$153.90$146.21$138.51
BF-68-SILVER-SHA6" X 8"1000 15 lbs$150.30$142.79$135.27
BF-810-CLR-SHA8" X 10"1000 30 lbs$186.30$176.99$167.67

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