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StratoGreya Static Shielding Bags

Introducing Universal Plastic's StratoGreya Static Shielding Bags. The pinnacle of protection for your precious electronic components. We meticulously design these bags to deliver a dual layer of defense against static discharge. This ensures the highest level of safety for your sensitive devices. Universal Plastic's StratoGreya bags embody a commitment to quality, offering a comprehensive range of features that enhance your packaging experience. These features ensure the security of your valuable items, shielding them from moisture, foreign matter, and other potential hazards.

  • Features: Buried metal construction, amine-free interior, 3/8" side seal.
  • Material: StratoGreya Static Shielding Material.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
SS02042" X 4"1,000 2 lbs$94.55$89.83$85.10
SS02062" X 6"3,000 16 lbs$246.17$233.86$221.56
SS03043" X 4"1,000 5 lbs$66.07$62.77$59.46
SS03053" X 5"1,000 6 lbs$81.81$77.72$73.63
SS04044" X 4"1,000 6 lbs$82.49$78.36$74.24
SS04064" X 6"1,000 8 lbs$85.98$81.68$77.38
SS04084" X 8"1,000 7 lbs$73.86$70.17$66.47
SS04154" X 15"1,000 16 lbs$174.18$165.47$156.76
SS04244" X 24"500 16 lbs$173.07$164.42$155.76
SS04264" X 26"500 17 lbs$187.41$178.04$168.67
SS04304" X 30"500 20 lbs$216.05$205.25$194.45
SS05065" X 6"1,000 60 lbs$70.01$66.51$63.01
SS05075" X 7"1,000 11 lbs$121.26$115.19$109.13
SS05085" X 8"1,000 13 lbs$137.79$130.90$124.02
SS065166 1/2" X 16"1,000 27 lbs$273.33$259.67$246.00
SS06086" X 8"1,000 15 lbs$150.61$143.08$135.55
SS06096" X 9"500 9 lbs$85.10$80.85$76.59
SS06106" X 10"500 10 lbs$94.38$89.66$84.94
SS06126" X 12"500 11 lbs$113.47$107.79$102.12
SS06146" X 14"500 13 lbs$132.03$125.43$118.83
SS06166" X 16"500 13 lbs$125.83$119.54$113.25
SS06186" X 18"1,000 27 lbs$278.49$264.57$250.64
SS06246" X 24"500 19 lbs$187.22$177.86$168.50
SS06266" X 26"500 21 lbs$206.81$196.47$186.13
SS06306" X 30"500 24 lbs$238.77$226.84$214.90
SS07157" X 15"1,000 26 lbs$266.11$252.81$239.50
SS08088" X 8"500 10 lbs$96.97$92.12$87.27
SS08108" X 10"500 12 lbs$121.19$115.13$109.07
SS08128" X 12"500 15 lbs$145.42$138.15$130.88
SS08168" X 16"500 19 lbs$193.91$184.22$174.52
SS08188" X 18"1,000 35 lbs$361.00$342.95$324.90
SS08248" X 24"500 29 lbs$291.38$276.81$262.25
SS08308" X 30"200 15 lbs$145.64$138.36$131.07
SS09129" X 12"500 16 lbs$161.95$153.85$145.75
SS101210" X 12"500 18 lbs$177.93$169.03$160.14
SS101410" X 14"500 18 lbs$185.67$176.38$167.10
SS101510" X 15"1,000 37 lbs$381.63$362.55$343.47
SS101610" X 16"500 19 lbs$195.98$186.18$176.38
SS101810" X 18"500 20 lbs$206.29$195.98$185.66
SS102410" X 24"500 30 lbs$309.43$293.96$278.49
SS102610" X 26"500 33 lbs$287.51$273.13$258.76
SS103010" X 30"500 37 lbs$380.09$361.09$342.08
SS111511" X 15"500 24 lbs$242.91$230.76$218.61
SS121212" X 12"500 17 lbs$175.34$166.57$157.80
SS121612" X 16"500 28 lbs$274.70$260.96$247.23
SS121812" X 18"500 31 lbs$309.06$293.60$278.15
SS122612" X 26"200 18 lbs$178.56$169.64$160.71
SS123012" X 30"200 21 lbs$206.02$195.72$185.42
SS141414" X 14"200 11 lbs$110.88$105.33$99.79
SS141614" X 16"200 13 lbs$126.67$120.34$114.00
SS141814" X 18"200 15 lbs$142.60$135.47$128.34
SS151515" X 15"200 13 lbs$126.67$120.34$114.00
SS151815" X 18"200 16 lbs$152.09$144.49$136.88
SS152015" X 20"500 35 lbs$353.50$335.82$318.15
SS161816" X 18"200 16 lbs$161.60$153.52$145.44
SS162416" X 24"200 22 lbs$215.53$204.75$193.97
SS181818" X 18"200 18 lbs$176.74$167.90$159.07
SS182418" X 24"200 24 lbs$235.66$223.87$212.09
SS202620" X 26"100 15 lbs$141.05$134.00$126.94
SS243024" X 30"100 20 lbs$193.85$184.15$174.46

Key Features:

  • Double Protection with Buried Metal Construction: Our StratoGreya bags feature buried metal construction, providing an advanced defense mechanism against static discharge. Rest assured, our double-layer protection fortifies your electronics.
  • Amine/Amide-Free Interior for Polycarbonate Preservation: The amine/amide-free interior ensures your polycarbonate surfaces remain pristine. Say goodbye to corrosion concerns and outgassing issues, as our bags maintain the integrity of your components.
  • Translucent Transparency: The semi-transparent material of these bags allows for effortless content identification. Easily see what’s inside while protecting your items from potential environmental factors.
  • Heat Sealable Barrier: StratoGreya bags offer full heat-sealing capability, forming a robust barrier against moisture and foreign particles. These bags shield your electronics effectively, preserving their quality throughout their journey.
  • Secure Packaging with 3/8″ Side Seal: The 3/8″ side seal ensures packaging integrity during storage and handling. Trust in the durability of our bags to keep your sensitive components well protected.

Faraday Cage Protection: Immerse yourself in Faraday Cage Protection with our advanced buried metal construction, providing an impenetrable shield for your delicate electronic components, effectively neutralizing the risks of static discharge.

Elevate your protection strategy with StratoGreya Static Shielding Bags from Universal Plastic. Our commitment to quality shines through in every bag, ensuring your electronics remain safe, secure, and in impeccable condition. Choose us for your packaging needs and experience the difference that advanced protection can make. StratoGreya bags are the ideal choice for those who demand the highest level of defense for their sensitive electronic components.

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