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3.6 Mil Moisture Barrier Bags

Universal Plastic engineers its excellent 3.6 Mil Moisture Barrier Bags for dry packaging for moisture-sensitive electronic components. These bags, crafted from high-performance barrier materials, offer an unparalleled shield against the threats of moisture, static discharge, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). With a focus on superior ESD and EMI shielding, our bags not only meet but also exceed the requirements of EIA Std. 583, Class 1. Discover the ultimate protection for your sensitive electronics with our moisture barrier bags.


  • Thickness: 3.6 Mil.
  • Protection: ESD and EMI shielding, waterproof, vapor-proof, and greaseproof.

SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
BB36121812" X 18"200 14 lbs$407.37$387.00$366.63
BB36161816" X 18"200 18 lbs$535.59$508.81$482.03

Key Features:

  • Triple Protection: Our moisture barrier bags provide triple protection against the elements. Waterproof, vapor-proof, and greaseproof – these bags are a fortress for your electronic components, ensuring they remain pristine.
  • ESD and EMI Shielding: Superior ESD and EMI shielding are at the core of our bags’ design. With recommended compliance to EIA Std. 583, Class 1 requirements, our bags protect against electrostatic discharge and EMI/RFI radiation, preserving the functionality of your components.
  • Puncture Resistance: Most of our bags contain Polyester (PET) for exceptional puncture resistance, ensuring your sensitive items are safe from potential physical damage.
  • Versatile Packaging Solutions: Our moisture barrier bags are heat sealable and suitable for vacuum packaging. This versatility ensures that your components are safeguarded from moisture and kept in an airtight environment.


  • Electronics Industry: Safeguard delicate electronic components during packaging, storage, and transit, ensuring they remain untouched by moisture, static discharge, and electromagnetic interference.
  • Vacuum Packaging: Preserve the quality and functionality of your components by utilizing our heat-sealable and vacuum-compatible bags.

Experience protection with our 3.6 Mil Moisture Barrier Bags. Designed with a keen focus on ESD and EMI shielding, these bags ensure your sensitive electronics remain safe and secure, free from the threats of moisture, static discharge, and airborne contaminants. Trust Universal Plastic for your packaging needs, and elevate the protection of your valuable electronic components. Choose our moisture barrier bags, and safeguard the integrity and longevity of your items.

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