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Pink Anti-Static Seal Top Bags

Universal Plastic’s Pink Anti-Static Seal Top Bags - the perfect solution for securely storing sensitive electronic components while ensuring convenient access. These bags are made from anti-static pink material and are equipped with special additives that effectively prevent static damage throughout the packaging, storage, and shipping process. With a 1012 ohms/ surface resistivity and an amine-free formulation, you can trust these bags to keep your valuable items, susceptible polycarbonate boards, safe and sound. When you need static control without the need for Faraday Cage Protection, choose the reliability of Pink Anti-Static material.


  • Material: Pink Anti-Static.
  • Surface Resistivity: 1012 ohms/


Key Features:

  • Advanced Static Protection: Our Pink Anti-Static Seal Top Bags are designed to provide a robust barrier against harmful static discharge. Feel confident knowing your sensitive electronic components are shielded from potential damage throughout the process.
  • Convenient Seal Top Closure: The seal top closure offers a hassle-free solution for accessing your contents multiple times while maintaining their protection. No compromises on safety or ease of use.
  • Versatile Application: Use these pink reclosable bags for the secure storage of a wide range of sensitive electronic components, ensuring they remain safe and undamaged.
  • Amine-Free Formula: The amine-free formulation ensures that sensitive polycarbonate boards remain unharmed. Say goodbye to potential damage and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your components are in the best hands.

Elevate your packaging strategy with Universal Plastic’s Pink Anti-Static Seal Top Bags. Engineered to provide the ultimate protection for your sensitive electronic components, these bags offer convenience and peace of mind. Choose Universal Plastic for quality, innovation, and reliability in every bag. Trust us for your packaging needs, and experience the difference that advanced protection can make. Your electronics deserve the best, and our Pink Anti-Static bags deliver just that.

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