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Seal Top Static Shielding Bags

Discover the unparalleled protection of our Seal Top Static Shielding Bags - the ultimate solution for safeguarding your sensitive electronic components. These bags are meticulously engineered to provide a dual layer of defense against static discharge, ensuring the utmost safety for your valuable items. With buried metal construction and a focus on defect prevention, Universal Plastic's Seal Top Static Shielding Bags offer a host of benefits that guarantee your components remain secure, intact, and easily accessible.

  • Features: Buried metal construction, Faraday cage protection, 3/8" side seal, Seal top closure.
  • Material: StratoG.


Key Features:

  • Double Protection with Buried Metal Construction: Our Seal Top Static Shielding Bags feature buried metal construction, providing advanced defense against static discharge. Enjoy double-layer protection, keeping your sensitive electronics safe from potential harm.
  • Amine/Amide-Free Interior: The amine/amide-free interior safeguards polycarbonate surfaces, preventing corrosion and outgassing. Maintain the pristine condition of your components with complete peace of mind.
  • Translucent Material: The semi-transparent material of our bags allows for effortless identification of contents, ensuring quick and easy access to the items you need.
  • Seal Top Closure for Convenience: The seal top closure offers a convenient solution for accessing your contents multiple times while maintaining their protection. No need to compromise security for ease of use.
  • 3/8″ Side Seal for Packaging Integrity: The 3/8″ side seal guarantees safety during storage and handling, ensuring your components remain safe and secure.

Elevate your protection strategy with Universal Plastic’s Seal Top Static Shielding Bags. These bags provide double-layer security for sensitive electronic components. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures your electronics remain safe, secure, and easily accessible whenever needed. Choose Universal Plastic for your packaging needs and experience the difference that advanced protection can make. Your valuable components deserve nothing but the best – choose the best with Seal Top Static Shielding Bags.

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