Avoid Costly Accidents  During Rains by Using Proper Umbrellas and Accessories

Almost everyone indulges in happily celebrating the beginning of the spring season after the long, harsh winter months. While the spring season comes with budding flowers and higher temperatures, it unfortunately also brings rains.

Although most of the people enjoy rains, it can be way dangerous than you can ever imagine. The wet and slippery paths can be the reason for major accidents. So, what is the solution to prevent such accidents and enjoy the rains with a smile?

Prevent Accidents with Wet Umbrella Bags

All the property managers and business owners of small and big organizations are aware of the risk associated with the dangerous water-filled slippery floors. These dangerous floors can result in expensive slip-and-fall accidents. The accidents can invite further more problems that can come in the form of costly settlements and time-consuming lawsuits.

To prevent these undesirable circumstances, you should protect yourselves, your employees, and your clients with convenient and easy-to-use Wet Umbrella Bags. The Wet Umbrella Bags are a practical solution for wet and slippery floors. Moreover, these bags can help in keeping the floors dry, thereby minimizing the requirement of increased floor maintenance.

The Wet Umbrella Bags are made up of cost-effective and robust high-density polyethylene. The umbrella bags are packed in excellent header packs, which offer the user easy dispensing.

The Wet Umbrella Bags can be utilized at every public facility, office building, restaurant, mall and retail store, etc. It is the responsibility of the facility managers to ensure that the Wet Umbrella Bags are kept at all the employee and customer entrances and that there is sufficient stock in hand. Protecting the employees and customers with Wet Umbrella Bags is the simplest and cheapest way of preventing major potential losses.

Features of the Wet Umbrella Bags

Mentioned below are some of the essential features offered by the Wet Umbrella Bags:

  • The umbrella bags come in 2 sizes to perfectly fit large varieties of umbrella sizes and lengths.
  • The umbrella bags feature attention-grabbing printing and artwork.
  • Packed in header packs each of hundred bags.
  • The header packs feature five big holes for fitting several hooks and stand designs.
Importance of Wet Umbrella Stands

The Wet Umbrella bag stands can hold the wet umbrella bags thereby preventing misplacing of the umbrellas and keeping the floors free from water at the same time. The umbrella stands can be used in showrooms, libraries, retail stores, offices, waiting rooms, etc. These stands can even let the visitors regain the utilization of both their hands when eating, shopping, etc.

Features of the Wet Umbrella Stands (UBSTAND)

Mentioned below are some of the useful features offered by the Wet Umbrella Stands:

  • Designed for holding and dispensing umbrella bags.
  • Manufactured from highly durable and robust steel material.
  • Features hooks of 2 inches on either side to provide easy access coupled with restocking.
  • Sign holders can be obtained upon request.

Wet Umbrella Bags and Wet Umbrella Stands are indeed a useful investment that the businesses can make for safeguarding their employees and clients. These assets can act as insurance against unfortunate times.