Beyond the Bin: Unveiling the Future of Sustainable Plastic Trash Can Liners

Trash bags used independently or in garbage bins are used to safely collect and dispose waste, and hence must be installed in both public and private places. However, trash bags made of plastic need to meet certain standards in terms of being a sustainable solution to collect garbage. While biodegradable and compostable bags made of recycled plastic are gaining traction, thick and clear plastic trash bags made of polyethylene are recyclable as well. Today sustainable plastic trash bags have a huge market. According to a research report, this market is expected to reach a size of $4.62 Billion by 2028 from $3.18 Billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 7.77% from 2023 to 2028. The growing demand for sustainable plastic trash can liners is a major driver of this market growth. This post discusses how sustainability can be achieved using plastic trash bags that comply with new regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), eliminating single use plastic, and more.

Negative Impact of Single Use Plastic

The excess use of single-use plastic across the globe has resulted in non-biodegradable garbage piling up on the landfills, in water bodies, and more. Nothing possibly can be more harmful to the environment, aquatic creatures that consume this plastic, and so on. So, shunning single-use plastic is a big step towards reducing plastic waste that remains in the same form for years. The use of low- and high-density recyclable plastic that combines the properties of LDPE and HDPE has been proved to be efficient in reducing carbon footprint. First these trash bags can be used for multiple days, especially if you use them as liners inside a dustbin. Second, when disposed, it is easy to recycle LDPE+HDPE trash can liners. The thickness of these bags depends on the type of waste you expect it to hold. Based on this, you can opt for standard, heavy, or extra heavy gauge of thickness.

Meeting New Regulations and Challenges to Achieve Sustainable Trash Can Liners

First, waste needs to be managed well, and there needs to be a process in place. There are policies in place for disposing biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste using two separate plastic trash bags. In many places, they are color coded as well. One needs to refer to current regulation by EPA regarding the use of plastic trash bags, while also achieving sustainability. Using sustainable and recyclable trash cans and bags is a crucial part of effective waste management. In many public places, there are blue cans for non-biodegradable waste and green cans for biodegradable waste. EPA recommends the use of eco labels when buying trash bags.


Residential Sector: A Major Market Driver

Since decades, the waste from residential sector has landed in landfills. However, there is much awareness regarding effective waste management, EPA and federal policies, safety of the environment, and so on. Thankfully, there have been steps taken in this regard. Here, the use of right trash can liners is crucial in achieving environmental goals. Here are some related pointers.

  • Gated communities have their own policies in this regard and the residential sector on the whole is set to become a major driver for the growth of sustainable plastic trash bags market.
  • This is partly because of increased awareness among citizens and partly also because of pressure as well as concessions from some governments and regulatory bodies.
  • Residents feel positive and socially responsible when they are aware and part of such tasks such as recycling collection and related initiatives.
  • The easy availability of these bags at retail stores is also one of the factors why residents prefer to use sustainable ones.

Most businesses and residential communities today try to align themselves with sustainability goals, and rightly so. Aside from this, being a part of the competitive landscape, contributing towards environmental safety is crucial. If you are looking for sustainable plastic trash bags, ensure you partner with a reliable supplier. Universal Plastic is one of the reliable plastic packaging manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers of sustainable and recyclable trash can liners. They also offer EPA-compliant plastic trash bags with printing and custom options.