Amusement parks strive hard to deliver enjoyable visitor experiences. There are several factors that add to the experience, including infrastructure, technology, safety, and marketing. These amusement parks spend thousands of dollars every year on marketing their services online and offline. Plastic bags have emerged as one of the most popular mediums of branding and marketing for these businesses. These plastic bags can be used for packaging and offer a practical solution to users for carrying their merchandise as well as belongings. At Universal Plastic, we understand the marketing and packaging requirements of different businesses operating in these amusement parks and have served them beyond their expectations. We specialize in customized plastic bags that allow these businesses to flaunt their business logo or park logo, vibrant graphics, and promotional messages while also assuring superior user experiences!
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Types of Bags Offered We Offer for Amusement Parks

Universal Plastic offers a variety of bags that are suitable for use in amusement parks. The type of bags provided may depend on the specific needs and requirements of the park, as well as the types of items visitors typically carry. Over the years, we have delivered the following types of bags for our clientele featuring businesses operating in amusement parks:

  • Clear Plastic Bags: It is common practice to utilize clear plastic bags to speed up security screenings at theme parks. Security staff can swiftly inspect things without requiring guests to completely open or unpack their bags because the contents are visible. It helps both the security staff and visitors to adhere to park regulations and remain safe and tension free.
  • T- Shirt Bags: Whether customized or plain, the T-shirt bags are popular with most of our clients operating in amusement parks. These bags are cheaper compared to many other types of plastic bags. They can be used to carry small things or any purchases made at stalls. We can customize these bags with the brand logo, name, and promotional messages.
  • Ziplock-Reclosable Bags: If you are in a water amusement park or other, it is important to keep your personal valuable belongings safe. Many amusement park owners provide ziplock plastic bags to visitors to protect their valuables like smartphones, cameras, and wallets, from water damage. Our bags can be used to seal your valuable personal items effortlessly and keep them dry during water-based activities.
  • Merchandise Bags: These bags help amusement park owners and other businesses in many ways. They help improve the entire visitor experience, boost souvenir sales, and support branding initiatives of various small and large businesses operating in amusement parks. Merchandise bags can be used by these businesses to give away promotional items.
  • Food Bags: We provide FDA and USDA approved food bags for use in delis, bakeries, donut stores, and restaurants operating in the premises of amusement parks. These bags are made from low-density and linear low density polyethylene materials, which help retain the freshness and taste of the food products. Our experts will help customize these bags with brand texts and logos.
  • Custom Printed Plastic Bags: Personalized printed bags can be very useful and effective as a marketing tool in any setting. Personalization is the key to showcasing the identity of your brand. The amusement park’s logo, colors, and other branding components can be incorporated into our custom printed bags, which will present a fantastic chance for branding and marketing. Carrying these bags around the theme park converts guests into walking advertisements, encouraging them to catch the attention of other fun seekers. Our experts will help you customize your plastic bags in terms of sizes, lengths, thickness, colors, printing patterns, and many more.
  • Plastic Trash Can Liners: We have been regularly processing huge orders of trash can liners for use in amusement parks. They help amusement park management companies keep the surroundings clean and collect and transport waste or garbage safely. We can provide these trash can liners in different gauge thicknesses such as heavy, extra heavy, and standard to meet your trash carrying requirements.

Why Partnering With Universal Plastic Can Benefit You?

There are many plastic bag manufacturers and suppliers catering to businesses operating in amusement parks and directly to the amusement park management companies. However, we stand out among them due to the following reasons:

  • We engage closely with our clients to manufacture and deliver polyethylene bags that are functional and effective in amusement parks.
  • While many of our nearest competitors offering standard-sized bags, we are experts at creating personalized bags for a wide variety of uses. In addition to this, our experts offer valuable guidance regarding the customization of these bags.
  • We guarantee the lowest costs when buying standard and custom-printed bags in bulk.
  • We value each and every customer, which is why we assign a committed customer service professional to handle their needs. Your questions and concerns about the best bags will always be gladly addressed by our professionals.

At Universal Plastics, we are committed to offer the highest quality of standard and customized plastic bags for promotions in amusement parks. Our expertise in customization, quality-centric approach, quick deadlines, and competitive prices make us a leading choice for many businesses operating in amusement parks. If you need to share your requirements for plastic bags for the amusement industry or require further information in this segment, feel free to contact us via phone or email.