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0.6 Mil Utility Bags on Roll

Universal Plastic's premium selection of 0.6 Mil Utility Bags on Roll with Twist Ties for convenient and organized storage. These high-density polyethylene bags offer exceptional strength and puncture resistance, making them ideal for storing bulky items. Whether you need to contain household items, office supplies, or retail merchandise, our Utility Bags on Rolls with Twist Ties are the perfect solution for simplifying your storage needs

  • Great for steam table box liner applications.
  • Available in common box sizes.
  • Also great for bulky item storage or as a dust cover.
  • Packed on rolls in a convenient dispenser pack.
  • Twist ties included.

Transform your storage experience with Universal Plastic's 0.6 Mil Utility Bags on Roll with Twist Ties. Simplify your life by neatly organizing your belongings with these durable and convenient bags.
Whether for home, office, or retail use, our Utility Bags on Roll are the key to maintaining order and efficiency. Trust Universal Plastic for top-quality storage solutions that cater to your organizational needs and elevate your space management. Simplify storage with our reliable Utility Bags on Rolls and enjoy clutter-free spaces today!
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
BOR1824HD18" X 24"250 5 lbs$26.38$25.07$23.75

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