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1.1 Mil Utility Bags on Roll

Universal Plastic's premium collection of 1.1 Mil Utility Bags on Roll with Twist Ties is the ultimate storage solution for your diverse needs. These utility bags boast outstanding strength and puncture resistance, making them ideal for confidently storing bulky items. Whether you need to organize household items, pack away seasonal belongings, or streamline your business storage, our Utility Bags on Rolls are the perfect choice for easy, efficient, and secure organization.

Key Features:
  • Convenient Roll Design: Our Utility Bags are conveniently packed on rolls, allowing for effortless dispensing. Save time and effort during busy storage tasks by quickly pulling, tearing, and sealing.
  • Twist Ties Included: To further simplify your storage process, many of our Utility Bags on Rolls come with twist ties. These handy closures provide a secure seal, ensuring your belongings remain organized and protected.
  • Outstanding Strength and Puncture Resistance: Crafted with 1.1 Mil Linear Low Density Polyethylene, our utility bags offer exceptional strength and puncture resistance. Trust in the durability of our bags to safeguard your items during storage or transport.

Efficiently organize your belongings and keep your space clutter-free with Universal Plastic's 1.1 Mil Utility Bags on Roll with Twist Ties. From households to businesses, these versatile bags cater to various storage needs, ensuring your belongings are secure, protected, and easily accessible. Experience the convenience and reliability of our premium storage solutions, prioritizing strength, organization, and ease of use. Simplify your storage process and elevate your organizational efficiency today!
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BOR12182418" X 24"250 29 lbs$51.14$48.59$46.03

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