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1.8 Mil Blue-Tinted Bags on Roll

Universal Plastics, your one-stop destination for top-quality 1.8 Mil Blue-Tinted Bags on Roll, is designed to meet various needs, from Durable Medical Equipment (DME) covers to box liners for food processing. Our extensive selection ensures that you'll find the perfect bag for every job, no matter the size or purpose. Experience the reliability and strength of our blue-tinted bags that protect your equipment, and offer added convenience and assurance.

Key Features:
  • Convenient Roll Packaging: Our Blue-Tinted Bags are thoughtfully packed on suitable rolls, ensuring easy and efficient dispensing. Whether for quick access to medical facilities or streamlined food processing, our roll packaging saves time and boosts productivity.
  • Economical and Durable Material: Crafted from low-density material, our 1.8 Mil Blue-Tinted Bags combine economy and strength. These bags are built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting protection for your equipment and items.
  • FDA Compliant: Rest assured that our Blue-Tinted Bags are FDA compliant, meeting stringent standards for medical and food-related applications. You can trust the safety and reliability of Universal Plastic's premium products.
  • Blue Tint for Quick Detection: The blue tint is a visual indicator, making it easy to identify any bag breaks or tears. This added feature provides peace of mind and helps you maintain the integrity of your content.

Enhance the protection and organization of your Durable Medical Equipment and optimize your food processing with Universal Plastic's 1.8 Mil Blue-Tinted Bags on Roll. With convenience, strength, and FDA compliance, these bags are the perfect addition to your operational efficiency. Trust Universal Plastics for premium solutions that safeguard your equipment and increase productivity. Secure your order today and experience top-quality bags from a trusted industry leader.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
BOR18G-201830B20" X 18" X 30"200 28 lbs$122.74$116.60$110.47

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