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2.0 Mil Gusseted Utility Bags on Roll

Universal's extensive collection of top-quality 2.0 Mil Gusseted Utility Bags on Roll DME (Durable Medical Equipment) covers available in the most reliable 2.0 Mil thickness. No matter the size of your equipment, rest assured that Universal has the perfect cover to safeguard your valuable assets. Our DME equipment covers provide unmatched protection and durability, ensuring your medical equipment remains in pristine condition. With the added convenience of being packed on rolls, these covers are ready to meet your medical facility's needs, offering a seamless and efficient covering solution.

Key Features:
  • Ultimate Protection: Our DME Equipment Covers are constructed with a robust 2.0 Mil thickness, offering the ultimate protection against dust, dirt, spills, and scratches. Preserve the integrity of your valuable medical equipment with confidence.
  • Versatile Sizing Options: Universal caters to all your equipment covering needs, regardless of size. With a broad range of sizes available, you can easily find the excellent fit for each type of DME equipment, ensuring a secure and snug covering.
  • Convenient Roll Packing: Streamline your covering process with the convenience of our DME Equipment Covers packed on rolls. Easy to dispense and use, these covers are designed for efficiency, saving you time and effort.
  • Tan Tint Available: We offer DME Equipment Covers with a tan tint option for enhanced visibility and aesthetic appeal. The tinted covers provide a clear view of your equipment while maintaining a professional appearance.

With Universal's premium 2.0 Mil Gusseted Utility Bags on Rolls DME Equipment Covers, you can confidently protect your valuable medical equipment. Embrace efficiency and reliability in your medical facility with our thoughtfully designed covers, tailored to elevate equipment protection and durability. Trust Universal Plastic for top-quality covering solutions prioritizing equipment longevity, cleanliness, and professional presentation. Secure your order today and safeguard your medical equipment investment with our premium covers.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
BOR20F-202420" X 24"500 32 lbs$124.46$118.23$112.01
BOR20F2024T20" X 24"500 32 lbs$132.22$125.61$119.00
BOR251530T25" X 15" X 30"250 40 lbs$170.14$161.63$153.13
BOR232284832" X 28" X 48"160 62 lbs$179.55$170.57$161.60
BOR42325442" X 32" X 54"110 59 lbs$179.93$170.93$161.94
BOR48367248" X 36" X 72"80 65 lbs$203.82$193.63$183.44
BOR4848T48" X 48"250 77 lbs$263.55$250.37$237.19
BOR51498551" X 49" X 85"50 57 lbs$208.16$197.75$187.34
BOR54447254" X 44" X 72"60 57 lbs$173.48$164.80$156.13

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