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1.4 Mil Bottom Gusseted Bag

Polypropylene slide seal deli bags provide an excellent and economical alternative to standard low density polyethylene deli bags. Any deli meats, cheeses, or foods placed inside look even more delicious due to the outstanding clarity of polypropylene film. Even with film that is only .8 mils thick, the bags have outstanding strength and resilience that even outmatches significantly thicker and more expensive competitors. The easy to use slide seal closure helps keep food fresh and secure and are a favorite with consumers. These bags are packaged in bundles of 50 bags each that are designed for use on a saddle dispenser. Polypropylene material provides excellent film clarity and strengthEconomical and higher performing alternative to thicker and pricier LDPE deli bags Bags provide easy to use resealable convenience to the customerUnprintedPackaged in bundles of 50 bags
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
P12F0822+3BG8" X 22" + 3 BG1,000 18 lbs$98.31$93.39$88.48
P12F0826+3BG8" X 26" + 3 BG1,000 21 lbs$120.78$114.75$108.71
P12F0913+4BG9" X 13" + 4 BG1,000 13 lbs$74.17$70.46$66.75
P12F0916+4BG9" X 16" + 4 BG1,000 16 lbs$85.01$80.76$76.51
P12F01113+4BG11" X 13" + 4 BG1,000 16 lbs$86.95$82.61$78.26
P12F01120+4BG11" X 20" + 4 BG1,000 23 lbs$126.90$120.56$114.21
P12F1216+4BG12" X 16" + 4 BG1,000 21 lbs$118.62$112.69$106.76
P10F1522+4BG15" X 22" + 4 BG500 13 lbs$60.55$57.52$54.49
P12F1522+4BG15" X 22" + 4 BG500 17 lbs$98.86$93.92$88.97

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