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Lip and Tape Resealable Plastic Bags

Get the Useful Lip and Tape Resealable Bags at Affordable Prices Lip and tape resealable plastic bags are commonly used to store just anything from vegetables to small and medium - sized industrial parts and components. However, whatever you store in this bag must be more or less flat in shape and non-pointed. The best part is the bag can be reused till they wear out as they have this unique self-adhesive strip. Once sealed, they are moisture proof and air tight, and hence ideal for especially storing food ingredients. At Universal Plastic, we provide high-quality lip and tape resealable bags made of propylene with an excellent co-extruded adhesive material.


Universal Plastics offers these bags in a variety of sizes, from 5″ X 5″ to 14″ X 7″, and different weight bearing capacities. If you are looking to place a bulk order, do it at the earliest to avail the same attractive prices! We offer custom printed resealable bags that help you market your brand easily. Also, if you are organizing an event and want to distribute packed foods to your guests, you can get your logo on each bag. These plastic bags with a logo is not just a means of branding but also personalizing. Clear resealable plastic bags leave a lot of scope to print your logo or content, which makes these bags perfect for promotional events and as a branding tool. At Universal Plastic, we stock all sizes of clear resealable plastic bags ready for customization.

As these bags inhibit external moisture, they help retain the freshness of the food products for a long time. If you need custom printed resealable bags with logo or some specific design, the first thing you need to do choose the right size of the bag based on your requirement, and from the wide variety available with us. We would happy to assist you in this process, and no matter what you want, be rest assured that we can get you covered.

Applications of Lip and Tape Resealable Bags

At Universal Plastics, we customize these clear resealable plastic bags according to your requirements, and they may be suitable for the following purposes:

  • Promotional Tool:You can promote your food product in these bags with your logo and distribute these food packets to your guests.
  • Food Parcels:You can pack sandwich, paninis, wraps, cookies, brownies, etc. or something alike in these bags, and users can carry them especially when traveling. Nowadays, delis, restaurants, cafeterias and take-away joints are using these bags to pack food parcel.
  • Retail Stores:You can use it to store packed dried ingredients in your retail store or samples for people to taste.
  • Non-food Items:Although these are especially useful for packing food items, you can very well use to keep other stuff, which fits the size and is not pointed.

Order Your Lip and Tape Resealable Bags from Universal Plastics at the Earliest

We are a known resealable plastic bag manufacturer and supplier, and would leave no stone unturned in meeting your requirements. Also, for your food packing requirements, we have FDA-approved bags. Your scale of business does not matter to us; we provide custom printed resealable bags in various sizes. Once you select the plastic bag, we can customize it with logos or graphics of your choice. You can also call us resealable plastic bag wholesaler as we assure the best prices on bulk orders. What are you waiting for? Contact us to order these bags today!

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