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4.0 Mil Double Track Seal Top Bags

Introducing Universal Plastic's Premium 4.0 Mil Double Track Seal Top Bags. Discover the pinnacle of sealing efficiency with our 4.0 Mil Double Track Seal Top bags. Crafted for excellence, these bags combine robust sealing capabilities with unmatched convenience, making them the ultimate choice for all your storage, display, protection, and shipping needs.

  • Thickness: 4.0 Mil.
  • Closure: Double Track Zipper.
  • Packaging: Cartons of 1,000 bags, with inner packs of 100 bags each.
  • FDA Approved: Yes, for food contact applications.
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
F40253DT2 1/2" X 3"1,000 5 lbs$32.81$31.17$29.53
F40304DT3" X 4"1,000 6 lbs$42.05$39.95$37.85
F40305DT3" X 5"1,000 7 lbs$46.19$43.88$41.57
F40404DT4" X 4"1,000 8 lbs$57.02$54.17$51.32
F40406DT4" X 6"1,000 10 lbs$61.67$58.59$55.50
F40508DT5" X 8"1,000 15 lbs$92.70$88.07$83.43
F40606DT6" X 6"1,000 15 lbs$101.95$96.85$91.75
F40608DT6" X 8"1,000 18 lbs$111.49$105.92$100.34
F40808DT8" X 8"1,000 20 lbs$147.19$139.83$132.47
F40810DT8" X 10"1,000 27 lbs$178.40$169.48$160.56
F40912DT9" X 12"1,000 36 lbs$248.48$236.05$223.63
F41012DT10" X 12"1,000 41 lbs$240.84$228.80$216.76
F41212DT12" X 12"1,000 47 lbs$301.97$286.87$271.77
F41215DT12" X 15"500 28 lbs$204.86$194.61$184.37
F41318DT13" X 18"500 36 lbs$219.84$208.85$197.86

Key Features:

  • Double the Security: Our cutting-edge double zipper seal is designed to provide an unbeatable level of security. Say goodbye to worries about leaks or contamination. Each closure not only locks tightly but also opens and closes effortlessly, ensuring your items remain safe and accessible time and time again.
  • Food-Grade Confidence: We understand the importance of product safety. Our bags are meticulously crafted using only virgin resin, ensuring they meet the stringent FDA requirements for direct contact with food products. You can confidently store your edibles and perishables, knowing that our bags maintain the highest quality standards.
  • Smart Packaging Solution: We’re committed to making your experience seamless. Our bags are thoughtfully packaged in cartons of 1,000, each containing inner packs of 100 bags. This thoughtful design not only enhances convenience but also contributes to minimizing waste. Plus, with barcoded cases and labeled inner packs, identifying and retrieving the needed bags has always been challenging.

Whether you’re a business looking for reliable packaging solutions or an individual seeking top-tier bags for various purposes, our 4.0 Mil Double Track Seal Top bags offer the perfect blend of security, convenience, and quality. Elevate your storage game today with Universal Plastic.

Choose excellence. Choose reliability. Choose Universal Plastic’s 4.0 Mil Double Track Seal Top bags for the ultimate packaging solution. Your items deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver.

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