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2.0 Mil Seal Top Hang Hole Bags

Introducing Universal Plastic's Game-Changing 2.0 Mil Seal Top Hang Hole Bags. Revolutionize the way you handle your products with our cutting-edge 2.0 Mil Seal Top Hang Hole Bags. These bags are designed to make your merchandising efforts more convenient and functional, empowering you to achieve your goals with ease.

  • Thickness: 2.0 Mil.
  • Closure: Seal Top Zipper.
  • Unique Feature: Built-in Hang Hole.
  • Packaging: Inner dispenser packs of 100 bags each.
  • FDA Approved: Yes, for food contact applications.

Elevate Your Product Packaging with Universal Plastic's 2.0 Mil Seal Top Hang Hole Bags – Get Yours Today and Experience the Difference!
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
F20203H2" X 3"1,000 2 lbs$6.78$6.44$6.10
F20208H2" X 8"1,000 3 lbs$18.43$17.51$16.58
F20212H2" X 12"1,000 5 lbs$24.00$22.80$21.60
F20303H3" X 3"1,000 2 lbs$10.23$9.72$9.21
F20304H3" X 4"1,000 3 lbs$9.34$8.87$8.41
F20305H3" X 5"1,000 3 lbs$11.23$10.67$10.11
F20306H3" X 6"1,000 4 lbs$15.98$15.18$14.39
F20404H4" X 4"1,000 4 lbs$12.03$11.43$10.83
F20406H4" X 6"1,000 5 lbs$16.20$15.39$14.58
F20408H4" X 8"1,000 6 lbs$25.80$24.51$23.22
F20507H5" X 7"1,000 5 lbs$28.12$26.71$25.31
F20508H5" X 8"1,000 8 lbs$24.06$22.85$21.65
F20510H5" X 10"1,000 9 lbs$36.59$34.76$32.93
F20608H6" X 8"1,000 9 lbs$35.38$33.61$31.85
F20609H6" X 9"1,000 9 lbs$33.29$31.63$29.96
F20610H6" X 10"1,000 11 lbs$36.10$34.29$32.49
F20612H6" X 12"1,000 13 lbs$50.90$48.35$45.81
F20614H6" X 14"1,000 15 lbs$61.76$58.67$55.59
F20912H9" X 12"1,000 18 lbs$62.40$59.28$56.16

Why Choose Our Hang Hole Bags?

  • Secure with Confidence: Say goodbye to worries about damaged goods or messy storage. Our advanced zipper-type seal ensures that your items are securely stored and easy to access whenever you need them. Protect your products while maintaining quick accessibility.
  • Elevate Your Display: Make your products stand out effortlessly. The built-in hang hole is a game-changer for presentation. Whether displaying your products in a store, at an event, or in your own space, these bags offer a polished, well-organized appearance that surly attracts potential customers.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: We understand that your time is precious. That’s why we’ve packaged these bags in inner dispenser packs of 100 bags each. Staying organized has always been challenging, and with barcoded cases and clear labels, you’ll instantly find what you need.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Your products deserve the best, and that’s exactly what they’ll get. Crafted from pure virgin resin, these bags are not only durable but also FDA-approved for direct contact with food products. When it comes to quality and compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a small business owner striving for impactful product presentation or an individual looking to keep things organized, our 2.0 Mil Seal Top Hang Hole Bags are your ultimate solution. Embrace innovation with Universal Plastic today.

Choose practicality. Choose professionalism. Choose Universal Plastic’s 2.0 Mil Seal Top Hang Hole Bags to transform how you merchandise and display your products. Your success is our priority, and these bags ensure it.

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