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1.4 Mil Stand-Up Pouch

Universal Plastic is your trusted destination for top-notch packaging solutions! If you're searching for versatile and reliable packaging that stands tall and offers efficient storage and easy identification, look no further. Introducing our premium 1.4 Mil Stand-Up Pouches,  the ideal choice for showcasing, protecting, and organizing various products.

Our Seal Top 1.4 Mil Stand-Up Pouches are designed with precision, featuring a generous bottom gusset that allows them to stand upright when filled. Whether you want to display your products with flair or maximize your storage space, these pouches have covered you. Moreover, they come equipped with a white write-on strip, allowing for quick and easy identification of bag contents. Use it to note down important information like dates or lot numbers.

Elevate your packaging game with Universal Plastic's 1.4 Mil Stand-Up Pouches. Shop now to enhance your product presentation and storage efficiency!
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
F20608PPH6" X 8" + 4 BG500 5 lbs$30.24$28.73$27.22
F20708QPH7" X 8" + 4 BG500 6 lbs$36.91$35.07$33.22
F21012GPH10" X 12" + 5 BG250 6 lbs$35.44$33.67$31.89


  • Secure and Reclosable:

    • Our Seal Top Pouches boast a reclosable zipper seal that offers a secure closure, ensuring your products are always safeguarded. This zipper seal is designed for effortless opening and closing, delivering unmatched convenience and reliability with every use.
  • Versatility in Application:

    • Experience the exceptional versatility of our pouches. They are suitable for storing, displaying, protecting, and shipping various product types. Crafted with utmost care from virgin resin, our bags fully comply with FDA regulations, guaranteeing safe contact with food items.
  • Spacious and Efficient Design:

    • Our standard pint-size storage bags feature a spacious bottom gusset, allowing them to stand upright easily. Our stand-up pouch design improves product display and maximizes storage space.
  • Thickness for Every Need:

    • With a thickness of 1.4 mil, our pouches are the perfect choice for short-term, lightweight, or refrigerated storage requirements. Our stand-up pouches are flexible and durable, ensuring your products remain in optimal condition.

Universal Plastic Bags: Your Trusted Packaging Partner:

Universal Plastic Bags goes beyond just offering outstanding pouches – we are your dedicated source for wholesale plastic bags and poly bags. With our years of industry expertise, we provide industries with top-quality, customizable packaging solutions.

Whether you require specialized packaging like our Stand-Up Pouches or industrial-grade options, we have the perfect solution. Partner with Universal Plastic Bags for packaging that enhances your brand and supports a greener future.

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