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Vented Pouch

Universal Plastic is your trusted wholesale plastic bags and pouches manufacturer for the packaging industries! If you are in the retail produce business or require innovative packaging for various applications, let us introduce our premium vented produce pouch and vented poly bags. These are designed to enhance your packaging and improve product presentation and freshness.

  • Keep your produce fresh longer
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Protect your produce from damage
  • Reduce food waste
  • Enhance your retail presentation

Our vented bags and vented plastic bags are the ideal choice for retailers in the produce industry. We have designed these vented plastic bags to improve the look of your packaging and keep the products inside fresh, with careful attention to detail and fit. Elevate freshness and presentation with our Vented Pouch and Vented Plastic Bags – shop now for premium packaging solutions!



  • Exceptional Retail Presentation:
    • Our Vented Pouch and Plastic Bags are crafted from crystal-clear Polypropylene material, ensuring your produce looks its best.
  • Freshness Preservation:
    • Ventilation is crucial in maintaining freshness; these bags are designed with strategically placed vent holes. These bags come in handy by allowing air to escape while keeping the contents fresh like produce packaging bags.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips:
    • Convenience is paramount; our bags come with a handy die-cut handle. Also, the zipper closure provides security and comfort so our users can reseal the bags easily
  • Versatile Applications:
    • Vented bags have a wide range of applications, catering to diverse needs. Usually used when air needs to escape to facilitate packaging, such as mattress bags and food bags.

Universal Plastic Bags: Your Packaging Partner:

Universal Plastic Bags goes beyond just providing bags – we are your strategic partner for all your wholesale plastic bag and poly bag needs. With years of industry expertise, we offer businesses top-quality, customizable packaging solutions tailored to their requirements.
Universal Plastic offers sustainable and flexible packaging options for all plastic bags and pouches. Therefore, our customers can align their choices with your brand’s environmental values. We also offer quality customized plastic packaging solutions or wholesale industrial-grade poly bags.

Partner with Universal Plastic Bags for packaging that enhances your brand image and supports a sustainable future.

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