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2.5 Mil Vented Pouch

Universal Plastic offers wholesale plastic packaging solutions! If you are in the retail and produce industry and looking for packaging that shows your products and preserves their freshness and visual attraction, you are in the right place. Allow us to introduce our top-tier 2.5 Mil Vented Pouch and Vented Plastic Bags – the ultimate choice for enhancing your produces visual appeal and longevity.

Short Bullet Point Features:
  • Crystal-clear polypropylene material: Makes produce look great and attracts customers.
  • Vented holes: Help to keep produce fresh and extend its shelf life.
  • Reclosable zipper closure: Seals tightly to keep produce from drying out and spilling.
  • FDA compliant for food contact: Safe to use for storing and packaging fruits, vegetables, and other food items.
  • Available in a variety of sizes: Choose the right size for your specific needs.

Universal Plastic's 2.5 Mil Vented Pouch and Vented Plastic Bags are designed to meet your specific packaging needs, ensuring that your produce looks great and stays irresistibly fresh. Elevate your brand's image and product appeal with our vented packaging solutions today!
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
PBZ91037BG9 1/2" X 10" + 3 3/4 BG250 6 lbs$46.49$44.17$41.84
PBZ11104BG11" X 10" + 4 BG250 10 lbs$50.77$48.23$45.70
PBZ1064BG10 3/4" X 6" + 4 BG250 5 lbs$36.57$34.74$32.91


  • Exceptional Retail Presentation:
    • Elevate your product presentation to a new level with our Vented Pouch and Plastic Bags. Making your retail produce look stunning and irresistibly appealing to customers.
  • Freshness Preservation:
    • The key to preserving your produce’s freshness lies in our thoughtfully designed vent holes. These vents release the air so your produce can remain fresh, crisp, and inviting.
  • Convenience at Your Fingertips:
    • We understand that packaging convenience is paramount. Hence, our bags come equipped with a convenient die-cut handle, allowing customers to carry their purchases effortlessly.
  • Versatility Beyond Compare:
    • Vented bags are incredibly versatile, serving a myriad of purposes. In the food industry, they shine in micro-perforated bread bags, permitting steam to escape and preserving the delightful crunch of a baguette’s crust.

Universal Plastic Bags: Your Trusted Packaging Partner:
Universal Plastic Bags is your unwavering partner for all things related to wholesale plastic bags and poly bags. We offer quality, customizable packaging bags for food and packaging industries for their specific requirements. Branded retail packaging or industrial-grade bags, we have got you covered. Partner with Universal Plastic Bags for packaging that enhances your brand and supports a greener future. Opt for Universal Plastic Bags for packaging that enhances your brand and champions a greener tomorrow.

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