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2.0 Mil Writing Block Bag

Universal Plastic is a leading manufacturer of wholesale flexible plastic packaging solutions! You have come to the right place if you are looking for adaptable, dependable wholesale plastic bags that can help to identify and protect your items quickly. Let us introduce our premium 2.0 Mil Writing Block Bag and 2.0 Mil Clear Line Seal Top Reclosable bags – your perfect partners in organizing, safeguarding, and labeling your products.

  • Easy product identification and labeling
  • Safe and secure packaging
  • Versatile application for a variety of needs
  • Convenient and sustainable packaging solution

Enhance your organization, product protection, and labeling capabilities with our 2.0 Mil Writing Block Bag and 2.0 Mil Clear Line Seal Top Reclosable bags. Shop now and experience the difference of Universal Plastic's 2.0 Mil Writing Block Bags!
SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
F20202W2" X 2"1,000 1 lbs$6.43$6.10$5.78
F20203W2" X 3"1,000 2 lbs$6.74$6.40$6.06
F20304W3" X 4"1,000 3 lbs$10.00$9.50$9.00
F20305W3" X 5"1,000 3 lbs$11.06$10.50$9.95
F20406W4" X 6"1,000 5 lbs$16.19$15.38$14.57
F20408W4" X 8"1,000 6 lbs$24.38$23.16$21.94
F20410W4" X 10"1,000 7 lbs$36.68$34.85$33.01
F20505W5" X 5"1,000 5 lbs$23.30$22.14$20.97
F20508W5" X 8"1,000 8 lbs$25.77$24.48$23.19
F20608W6" X 8"1,000 9 lbs$30.60$29.07$27.54
F20609W6" X 9"1,000 9 lbs$34.21$32.50$30.79
F20810W8" X 10"1,000 13 lbs$49.40$46.93$44.46
F20912W9" X 12"1,000 18 lbs$64.96$61.71$58.47
F21013W10" X 13"1,000 22 lbs$78.15$74.24$70.34
F21315W13" X 15"1,000 33 lbs$116.05$110.24$104.44

Here is what sets our bags apart:

  • Secure and Reusable:
    • The zipper-type seal on our Writing Block Bag ensures a secure closure that can be opened and closed continuously without losing its reliability. Say goodbye to struggling with complicated seals and hello to hassle-free access to your items.
  • Universal Application:
    • Our ziplock writing block bags are excellent for diverse applications, including storage, displaying, protection, and shipping of various types of products.
  • FDA-Compliant Material:
    • We prioritize safety, so our bags are made using only virgin resin. The material meets the FDA requirements for contact with food items. This makes them a safe and trusted choice for food applications.
  • Clean and Convenient Packaging:
    • For your convenience, our bags are packed in inner dispenser packs of 100 bags each. Cases and inner packs are barcoded and clearly labeled for quick and hassle-free identification.

Universal Plastic Bags: Your Trusted Packaging Partner:

Universal Plastic Bags is your trusted companion for wholesale plastic and poly bags in the USA. As industry experts with over a decade of service, we specialize in offering businesses quality and customized wholesale plastic bag packaging.

Whether you need specialized packaging like our Writing Block Bag and Clear Line Seal Top Reclosable bags or industrial-grade options, we have the solution for you. Choose Universal Plastic Bags for packaging that enhances your brand and supports a greener future.

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