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Seal Top Amber Bags

Introducing Universal Plastic's Seal Top Amber Bags - the perfect solution for preserving the integrity of your UV-sensitive contents. We meticulously design these bags to shield their contents from the potentially damaging effects of UV light waves. With a convenient seal top closure, these bags are protective and versatile, making them an excellent choice for packaging and transporting medications and other UV light-sensitive products. When it comes to safeguarding your valuable items, trust in the reliability of our Seal Top Amber Bags.

  • Type: Seal Top Amber Bags.
  • Packaging: Inner packs of 100 bags.


Key Features:

  • Advanced UV Protection: Our Seal Top Amber Bags act as an impenetrable barrier, preventing UV-sensitive contents from degrading or damaging by harmful UV light waves. Say goodbye to worries about the integrity of your items during storage and transportation.
  • Convenient Seal Top Closure: The seal top closure offers the convenience you need for items accessed multiple times. Quickly open and reseal the bag without compromising the protection of its contents.
  • Packaging Excellence: Our Seal Top Amber Bags come conveniently packed in inner packs of 100 bags. This thoughtful packaging ensures easy access and organization and reduces the risk of contamination during storage.


  • Medications: Safeguard the potency and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, especially those sensitive to UV light exposure.
  • UV-Sensitive Products: Keep a variety of UV light-sensitive items securely wrapped, maintaining their quality and integrity throughout their use.

Experience the ultimate protection for your UV-sensitive contents with our Seal Top Amber Bags. These bags are the perfect choice when you need a convenient and secure solution for items that require frequent access, all while ensuring reliable protection. Universal Plastic’s commitment to quality ensures that your valuable items are in safe hands. Choose us for your packaging needs and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your contents are shielded from harmful UV light waves. Trust Universal Plastic for quality, innovation, and reliability in every bag.

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