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3.0 Mil Seal Top Amber Bags

Introducing Universal Plastic 3.0 Mil Seal Top Amber Bags - the ultimate solution for safeguarding your UV light-sensitive items. These bags offer unparalleled protection, preventing UV light waves from degrading or damaging your contents. The convenient seal top closure makes them an excellent choice for packaging and transporting medications, electronic parts, and other valuable items that need to be accessed multiple times. Trust in the security and reliability of our Seal Top Reclosable Amber Bags for your packaging needs.


  • Material: 3.0 Mil gauge Amber.
  • Packaging: Inner packs of 100 bags.

SKU SIZE Case Qty Weight Buy 1 Buy 6 Buy 11 Select Qty
FAM302032" X 3"1,000 3 lbs$15.97$15.17$14.37
FAM302592 1/2" X 9"1,000 6 lbs$27.69$26.30$24.92
FAM303053" X 5"1,000 5 lbs$38.16$36.26$34.35
FAM304064" X 6"1,000 7 lbs$49.68$47.20$44.71
FAM305085" X 8"1,000 11 lbs$86.98$82.63$78.28
FAM306086" X 8"1,000 13 lbs$95.22$90.45$85.69
FAM308088" X 8"1,000 15 lbs$132.30$125.69$119.07
FAM308148" X 14"1,000 27 lbs$187.88$178.49$169.09
FAM309129" X 12"1,000 25 lbs$189.88$180.38$170.89
FAM3121212" X 12"1,000 36 lbs$243.85$231.66$219.47

Key Features:

  • UV-Sensitive Content Protection: Our Seal Top Amber Bags are designed to protect your UV-sensitive contents. Keep your items shielded from the harmful effects of UV light waves, ensuring their quality and effectiveness.
  • Convenient Seal Top Closure: The seal top closure offers a hassle-free solution for accessing your contents multiple times while keeping them enclosed. No need to worry about compromising the protection of your valuable items.
  • Optimal Packaging: We pack our bags in inner packs of 100 for your convenience. This thoughtful packaging ensures easy access and organization and reduces the risk of contamination during storage.
  • Ultraviolet Resistant: Our bags are made from a 3 Mil gauge material that is ultraviolet resistant, providing an extra layer of defense against UV light exposure.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The amber color of the bags makes it easier to notice, ensuring that the nature of the contents is easily identifiable, even at a glance.
  • Meets FDA/USDA Specifications: Trust in the quality of our bags, as they meet FDA/USDA specifications, giving you peace of mind about the safety and reliability of your packaging.


  • Medications: Keep pharmaceuticals and medical supplies securely wrapped in our amber bags, ensuring their potency and effectiveness remain intact.
  • Electronic Parts: Safeguard delicate electronic components from UV exposure, maintaining their quality throughout the packaging and distribution.

Elevate your UV-sensitive item packaging with 3.0 Mil Seal Top Amber Bags from Universal Plastic. Our commitment to quality, convenience, and protection ensures that your valuable contents remain safe and secure. Choose the trusted name in packaging solutions – Universal Plastic – and experience the difference that superior protection can make.

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