Know Which Vacuum Bags and Pouches Are the Best for Your Food

September 23, 2019 Stand-Up Pouch

  Storing food items in vacuum seal bags is pretty common and convenient on both domestic and commercial levels. There are vacuum storage bags, which can be refrigerated and even frozen, thawed, and then heated. FDA-approved, good-quality thick plastic needs to be used for such bags to store food, as the bags be capable to withstand hot and cold temperatures. They should not melt when heated or crack and tear up when frozen. This happens when low-quality thin plastic bags, and hence FDA has separate standards for storing food items as there should be no risk of the melted plastic
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6 Essential Reasons for Choosing Stand Up Pouches

July 9, 2019 Stand-Up Pouch

Packaging has become an important part of the branding exercise as it is the face of the product. It not only protects your food or items within but helps retain the freshness and original properties. Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to packaging, and this includes stand up pouches. Top brands from various industries are replacing the conventional way of packaging with flexible packaging methods because of their focus on using environment-friendly and lightweight packaging materials. Stand up pouches fit into all these categories and literally stand on retail shelves. So, they are widely accepted, popular, and the
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World Forecast to 2023 for Stand-Up Pouches Market

May 21, 2019 Stand-Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches are laminated bags that are generally made up of either plastic or an amalgam of aluminum and plastic film. These pouches occupy less amount of space and need reduced packaging material than conventional packing methods like boxes and cartons. A typical stand-up pouch consists of many different features like zippers, pour spouts, release valves, and slider closures. Stand-up packaging safeguards the products against pests, moisture, odor, and vapor. Stand-up packages are completely customized for market purposes. Stand-up pouches are utilized in the single-serve beverages, pet foods and pet treats, confectionary items, breakfast cereals, snacks, and cookies. Factors Driving
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