Tips to Select the Right Size and Thickness of Ice Poly Bags for Specific Needs

Size and thickness are important aspects when choosing an ice poly bag for your commercial applications. Plastic ice bags are offered in varied sizes and thicknesses measured in Mil. Both sizes and thicknesses are customizable parameters; however, when it comes to storing ice, the bags must be to withstand cold temperature storage and comply with FDA standards for contact with food products. Standard ice bag sizes vary from 1.2 Mil to 1.75 Mil and can be customized as per specific requirements. The size depends on the quantity of ice you want to store. This post offers some useful pointers on how to select the right plastic ice bags based on specific requirements.

Useful Pointers for Selecting the Right Plastic Ice Bags

Here are some tips which may be helpful in choosing the right thickness, size, and other parameters of plastic ice bags.

  • Choose the thickness based on the ice content you want to put inside. For instance, a 1.2Mil bag has a capacity for roughly eight pounds of ice. This capacity increases with increasing Mil or thickness.
  • Choose wicketed ice bags as they are easier to handle and have a thickness of at least 1.25 Mil. They comprise a wicket which is a plastic or metal wire wound around the top portion of the bag as a sealer. This wicket is removable.
  • Wicketed bags are a combination of LDPE and metallocene additive which offers a high impact strength.
  • This combination also contributes to its flexibility at temperatures as low as -30℃.
  • You can easily fold and reuse wicketed ice bags. They are durable, possess high impact strength, and offer excellent moisture resistance.
  • Another advantage of using wicketed ice bags is customization. You can get them designed to suit your needs, sizes, and printing options. You can print your logo and related content on these bags. You can see stored ice in these bags as they are transparent.
  • Choose a thicker Mil, as it prevents breakage of ice, especially if you want to transport it from one place to another.
  • For metallocene wicketed bags with 1.35 Mil thickness, you can get bags with drawstrings, which offer easy durability, impact strength. You can store up to 10 lb. ice in these bags. The drawstrings are made of cotton, which assures safe closure and are makes them easy to carry anywhere.
  • The plastic ice bags with 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 20lb, 25lb, and 50lb weight bearing capacities are commonly preferred for food packaging applications.

While these tips may helpful when choosing the right plastic ice bags for your application. In addition to these, ensure you source them from reliable wholesale plastic bag manufacturers and suppliers. Universal Plastic is a known and certified plastic bag manufacturer and suppliers of a variety of plastic ice bags. Contact the experts at the company to discuss your requirements. They would help you with the right selection.