The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding industries regarding the materials used in their applications, and plastic bags are no exception.  These plastic bags must meet the highest quality and standards for packaging components and finished products for storage, shipping, and marketing purposes. As a leading plastic bags manufacturing and packaging supplies company, Universal Packaging knows the stringent requirements and demands of the aerospace industry. We are committed to providing the finest range of plastic bags that meet the aerospace industry specifications and are certified to their standards.


Aerospace Industries - Universal Plastic

Types of Plastic Bags We Offer at Universal Plastics to the Aerospace Industry

Universal Plastics offers a wide range of plastic bags to the aerospace industry. We have both standard and custom bags available, and each type of bag is designed for a specific purpose, tailored to meet the applications of the industry. The following are the categories of plastic bags specifically designed for the industry.

  • ESD and Moisture Barrier Bags: Made of a specialized static-dissipative material, these bags dissipate any static that may build up over sensitive items. This helps prevent any costly damages down the line. Investing in antistatic bags is a way for the aerospace industry players to protect semiconductors, as well as several sensitive electronic devices like motherboards, SSD hard drives, and memory devices.
  • Air Sickness Bags: Air sickness bags are leak-resistant bags, which are offered with a handy wire or a strong adhesive. The bags are designed to prevent motion sickness in the aircraft. They provide a convenient and easy way for passengers to collect their vomit during motion sickness due to traveling.
  • Clean Room: These plastic bags are manufactured in certified Class 100 clean rooms and are suited for packaging cleanroom supplies for the aerospace industry.
  • Poly Tubing: We provide a wide range of poly tubing that can be used for packaging components that are longer than others.
  • LDPE Flat Poly Bag: These bags are suited for general storage applications. Our LDPE poly bags stand out due to their incredible strength, clarity, and moisture-barrier properties. All our bags are manufactured in our well-equipped in-house facility using only high-quality LDPE materials, which helps us stay true to our commitment to quality and performance.

 Why Choose Universal Plastics

Here are some reasons why Universal Plastics is a good choice for getting plastic bags for the aerospace industry:

  • Experience: Universal Plastics has been in business since 1986. With over 40 years of experience, we own the expertise to manufacture high-quality plastic products that meet the stringent needs of customers from mission-critical industries like aerospace.
  • Customization: Universal Plastics has expertise in creating customized plastic bags and poly bags tailored to their customer’s specific needs. We can print your company logo, name, or other designs on your plastic bags. The team can also create plastic bags in any size, colors and special features such as handles, and reinforcement, among others.
  • Quality: We adhere to high quality and safety standards throughout the manufacturing process. The team uses state-of-the-art equipment and materials to ensure optimum quality in all products we offer to the industry.
  • Variety: We offer a wide range of plastic bags that are ideal for different packaging and storage applications in the aerospace industry.
  • Customer Service: We work closely with our customers to ensure that our meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We also offer fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Overall, our plastic bags offer more than just practicality – they can also be used creatively. For instance, aerospace companies may take advantage of their branding potential and use plastic bags to package promotional materials or as giveaways with a company’s logo printed on them. They are perfect for trade shows and other events.

Needless to say, Universal Plastics is your source for reliable, long-lasting aerospace plastic bags. We have an extensive selection of bags perfect for use in the aerospace industry and unbeatable prices. Contact us now for the best deals on custom plastic bags designed with the aerospace industry in mind.

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