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Stand up Pouches

Stand up Pouches

Stand up Pouches Are Highly Preferred Both by Consumers and Manufacturers

The stand up pouches are basically one type of flexible packaging, which are highly used nowadays. It is very common to observe the uses of stand up pouches in every sector. The name “stand up pouches” itself suggests that these pouches are standing up on their own. The looks of these pouches are very attractive and eye catching. Any customer would fall to grab these pouches in his/her hands.

The introduction of stand up pouches in the market developed a new era of using plastic bags in an innovative way. The normal plastic packagings were so dull and bulky and are very common for the consumers. But these amazing colourful stand up pouches, grabbed a lot of market share within a very short period.

Apart From Good Looks, There Are A Lot of Advantages of These Stands Up Pouches Such As:-

  • Environment Friendly –
These pouches are manufactured with less number of materials, which are environmental friendly and doesn’t pollute the environment as other plastic bags do. Again, as fewer amounts of materials are used, these pouches are very cost effective for both customers and manufacturers. These pouches are purely recyclable, which reduces the chances of various pollution to the environment.
  • The gusseted bottom of these pouches enables the efficient storage of liquid items. Previously, it was pretty difficult for the manufacturers to maintain the durability in the packaging of liquid items. But with this expandable flexible packaging pouch, it is now very easy to take care of the products.
  • The stand up pouches allow rotogravure paintings on them. Due to colourful paintings, the logo along with all the necessary details of the manufacturers is clearly printed over the pouches. Thus, the consumers get a clear idea regarding the manufacturer.
  • These pouches come with various efficient features like resealable seals, Spouts, Zip locks etc. All these features enhance the overall look of the product. Again consumers find it more convenient to use the stand up pouches due to these features.
  • Due to its stand up features, these pouches are mainly available at the display of a shop. Just by watching the colourful pouches from display, the consumers want to grab it. So, it is very beneficial for the retailers.
  • These pouches are made up of various high grade materials, which are approved are approved by the Food and Drug department. These materials protect the food from various physical and environmental hazards.
  • These pouches can be customized as per the requirements of the manufacturers. This feature allows the manufacturer to put as much quantity they want to sell in one packet.
  • These pouches only use 40% of plastics, and are very light in weight. Due to their compact shape and size, these stand up pouches save a lot of space during the storage and transportation.

These stands up pouches are one of the best Eco friendly packaging solutions. Universal plastic is one of the finest manufacturer and supplier of Stand up pouches. It has a wide variety of stand pouches like Gusseted pouches, zip pouches, flat pouches etc. So for every issue regarding plastic pouches, there is a appropriate solution available with Universal Plastics.

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