Value Plus Clear Line Bags for Outstanding Protection, Convenience and Economy

Product storage and packaging is an important concern for industries that deal with sensitive or delicate products, especially the food industry. Thus, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers are always on a lookout for efficient products that will help them assure the safe delivery of products to end users. Among the various choices available, seal top reclosable bags have gained immense popularity in recent years. These bags are made of clear plastic, and feature zipper locks, which helps secure the contents of the bag as well as provide a clear view of stored item. These bags are ideal for storage, display, securing, as well as shipping various types of products. There is abundant variety when it comes to these clear zipper storage bags. Value Plus Clear Line bags provided by Universal Plastic is one of the important types of clear zipper storage bags that have gained popularity in the food industry and several other industries owing to their beneficial features. This post discusses these clear plastic bags and their advantages in detail.

Value Plus Zipper Bags – 4 Reasons to Choose Them for Product Storage and Shipping

The following features have contributed to quick and easy acceptance of Value Plus clear zipper bags across the food industry.

  • A Suitable Replacement for 2 Mil Ziplock Bags: According to FDA standards, 2 mil Ziplock storage bags are considered ideal for food storage and shipping. Although these bags assure security, they may overkill at times. This is where 1.4 mil Value Plus zipper bags make a difference. They assure the same quality and strength as 2 mil bags, but at much lower costs. This is why these bags are becoming a suited replacement for 2 mil bags in various standard duty applications.
  • Strong and Reliable Zipper: The bag features a reliable, resealable zipper as regular 2 mil zip lock bags, which enables indefinite opening, sealing, and resealing. In this way, the zipper helps improve the shelf life of various food products by maintaining their freshness. Owing to their zipper, these bags are also ideal for storing items that require repackaging.
  • FDA Compliant: Made from high-quality virgin resins, these reclosable bags meet FDA requirements for food storage. This makes them suitable for storing perishable food products such as deli meat, cheese, seafood, ready-to-eat food, chocolate, pickles, and so on.
  • Helps Reduce Food Waste: A study by the Center of Sustainability & Commerce at Duke University suggested that one US customer generates 4.3 pounds of waste every day. They understand the impact of food waste on the environment, and are finding ways to minimize it. Value Plus clear line bags with their resealable packaging will help them keep the food fresh, and use it for a long time. So, there will be less food waste, and also they can save on secondary packaging items such as plastic wraps, foils, or storage bags that they have been using all these years to store the food.

Types of Value Plus Clear Zipper Bags

Universal Plastic provides the 1.4 mil Value Plus Clear Zipper Bags in the following sizes:

F20203VP 2" X 3" 1,000 1 lbs
F20304VP 3" X 4" 1,000 2 lbs
F20305VP 3" X 5" 1,000 3 lbs
F20404VP 4" X 4" 1,000 3 lbs
F20406VP 4" X 6" 1,000 4 lbs
F20507VP 5" X 7" 1,000 5 lbs
F20508VP 5" X 8" 1,000 6 lbs
F20606VP 6" X 6" 1,000 5 lbs
F20608VP 6" X 8" 1,000 7 lbs
F20609VP 6" X 9" 1,000 7 lbs
F20708VP 7" X 8" 1,000 8 lbs
F20810VP 8" X 10" 1,000 10 lbs
F20912VP 9" X 12" 1,000 14 lbs
F21012VP 10" X 12" 1,000 15 lbs
F21215VP 12" X 15" 1,000 21 lbs

These Ziplock bags are available in inner dispenser packs of 100 bags to ensure convenience and cleanliness. The inner packs are barcoded and labeled clearly to meet the FDA guidelines for use in food applications. Do you want to know more about Value Plus zipper reclosable bags? Please contact our team today.