Why Choose Universal Plastic as Your Plastic Bag Manufacturer

Over the years, a lot has been said about the plastic bags and their perils to the environment and people. However, that has not affected their popularity. Why? The reason is because they are the most functional packaging option that are cost-effective, easy to use, and convenient to store. They are beneficial to retailers and consumers in several ways, and thus are a popular packaging option in spite of all the shortcomings. Realizing the growing demand for clear plastic bags and other types of recyclable poly bags, they are being manufactured in bulk quantity in wholesale prices. Universal Plastic is one amongst such leading plastic bag manufacturers who have been around for over twenty years. Now, you may ask what makes Universal plastic one of the leading small clear plastic bag manufacturer in the U.S.? Let’s know why!

5 Reasons to Choose Universal Plastic to Procure Plastic Bags

When it comes to plastic bags, Universal Plastic is the name you can trust! Here is what makes us different from other manufacturers:

  • Rich Portfolio Under One Roof: You will be surprised seeing at the variance of products offered at Universal Plastic. They keep a rich inventory of ready to ship plastic bags such as:

    In addition to these, we also provide large plastic bags such as:

  • Quality Construction: Being in the business so long, Universal Plastic knows how best the plastic bags can be produced cost effectively with the expected quality. Universal Plastic only deals with high quality plastic resins that are in compliance to all standards set forth by the FDA and other regulations.
  • Customization: Customization is today’s trend. This is not different when it comes to plastic bags. Being a prominent plastic bag manufacturer, Universal Plastic offers several customization possibilities, which allows the customers to acquire plastic bags that best meet their requirements. Now, with Universal Plastic, you can be assured getting the exact bag you need for your product in any size, shape, color with any text, image or logo printed onto it.
  • Quality in Manufacturing: Quality is at the heart of Universal Plastic. The team looks nothing short than perfection. Every stage of design and production is closely monitored by the quality department and the products are tested on different parameters to guarantee optimum quality.
  • Efficacious Customer Assistance: The team at Universal Plastic is all set every time to provide efficacious assistance to the customers. All queries are answered by the experts instantly. This technical guidance helps the customers to choose the most appropriate bag for their specific requirements.
  • Pricing: At Universal Plastic, the products are available in wholesale prices. The team often comes up with attractive offers on bulk ordering as well. By availing our custom plastic bags wholesale, you can guarantee huge savings.

Moreover, the team Universal Plastic assures quick turn delivery compared to several other small plastic bags suppliers or manufacturers in the market. You don’t need to wait for long to get your package to be delivered to your end. Owing to all these reasons, you can undoubtedly start a business association with Universal Plastic!