6″ X 10″ Lab Seal? Tamper-Evident Specimen Bags with Removable Biohazard Symbol – Yellow Tint Printed “STAT”


Size : 6" X 10"

Gauge : 1.8

Case Pack : 1,000

Weight : 10.82 lbs

Buy 1 : $156.96
Buy 6 : $149.12 (Incl. 5% discount)
Buy 11 : $141.27 (Incl. 10% discount)

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Universal’s Lab-Seal® Tamper-Evident Specimen Bags with Seal-N-Rip® removable biohazard symbols provide an excellent means for securely transferring specimens in hospital and medical environments while helping to save on disposal costs. The bags have a special removable biohazard symbol which can be torn off and allows the bags to be disposed of with regular waste if they are uncontaminated. The bags have a special mechanism where once its marked tab is pulled, the bag will seal securely and permanently with an adhesive glue. Once the bag is sealed, the only way to access the contents would be to tear off the top indicated by a tear line, which would reveal any tampering. Their three wall construction provides a handy outer pouch to contain accompanying paperwork during specimen transfer. Since the bags are manufactured in a Trade Agreement Act (TAA)-designated country, they conform with US governmental requirements and are eligible to be sold to governmental organizations such as the department of Veterans Affairs (VA). They are printed in both English and Spanish and available in a variety of sizes, colors and printed messages for various types of specimens. The bags are inner-packed in individually-marked and barcoded dispenser packs for convenience. Seal-N-Rip® feature for easy access to contentsSpecial pull tab that seals bag securely with adhesive glueRemovable biohazard symbol can help reduce waste disposal costsIndicates any tamperingPrinted instructions in English and SpanishPacked in individually-labled and barcoded dispenser packs of 100TAA-Compliant to adhere to US government requirements3-wall construction keeps paperwork and specimen separateLeak resistant sealYellow tintPrinted “STAT”

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Weight 10.82 lbs



6" X 10"






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