11″ x 7″ + 3″BG 1.5 mil LDPE Vented Slide Seal Bag, 500/CS


Size : 11" X 7" + 3 BG

Gauge : 1.5

Case Pack : 500

Weight : 7.3 lbs

Buy 1 : $59.59
Buy 6 : $56.61 (Incl. 5% discount)
Buy 11 : $53.63 (Incl. 10% discount)

Availability : In Stock


Universal Plastic offers 11″ x 7″ + 3″BG, 1.5 Mil Vented Slide Seal Bag, the ultimate solution for preserving the freshness of your deli fruits and vegetables. These durable, low-density polyethylene bags are ideal for the food industry’s unique requirements. With a generous bottom gusset that provides ample storage space, these bags can hold up to 3 lbs of produce, making them perfect for storing green beans, cherries, grapes, and a wide range of fruits and vegetables. These bags have six vent holes placed strategically to improve air circulation, which helps keep your deli food items fresh for longer and reduces waste. 

The convenient slide seal closure allows for effortless entry and secure closure, even with gloved hands, streamlining your daily operations in the deli. Rest assured that our Vented Slide Seal Bags meet stringent food safety regulations and comply with FDA and USDA requirements for food contact, ensuring the utmost safety and quality for your fresh produce.

Key Features:

  • Strong low-density material holds up to 3 lbs of produce.
  • Bottom gusset permits bags to stand on their own and expands storage.
  • Vent holes help air to circulate, extending freshness.
  • Excellent for storing green beans, cherries, and other fruits and vegetables.
  • Slide seal closure for suitable opening and closing.
  • Fulfills FDA and USDA requirements for food contact.

Experience unrivaled deli food storage with Universal Plastic’s Vented Slide Seal Bags. 

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Additional Information

Weight 7.3 lbs



11" X 7" + 3 BG






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