11″ X 7″ + 3 BG Low Density Vented Slide Seal Bag

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Universal’s vented slide seal bag is perfect for storing green beans, cherries, grapes, and other types of fruits and vegetables. It’s made from a strong and resilient low density polyethylene material and has a generous bottom gusset that increases storage space. The bag has six vent holes that allow air to circulate through, which helps preserve product freshness and extends shelf-life. The convenient slide seal closure allows easy entry and closure, even with gloved hands. Strong low density material holds up to 3 lbs of produceBottom gusset allows bags to stand on their own and increases storage spaceVent holes allow air to circulate, prolonging freshnessIdeal for storing green beans, cherries, and other fruits and vegetablesSlide seal closure for convenient opening and closingMeets FDA and USDA requirements for food contact

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11" X 7" + 3 BG