14″ X 14″ + 6 BG Low Density Bulk Deli Meat Slide Seal Bag – Blue Tint

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Universal’s low density blue tint slide seal bags are ideal bags to store bulk deli meats in. They are designed to replace shrink wrapping for deli meats, which provides significant savings in packaging and employee time spent wrapping meats. Its low density polyethylene material is thick, strong and able to withstand sub zero temperatures for long term storage in a freezer. The convenient slide seal allows the bag to be easily accessed repeatedly, even with gloved hands, yet still seals tightly and securely. These bags are tinted blue, have a white write-on block for easy contents identification, and have an outer pouch to store scale labels.Cost effectiveSaves packaging and time spent wrapping meatsWrite on block to identify contentsLarge bottom gusset for additional storage spaceMade of strong and thick low density polyethyleneSlide seal is easy to use, even with gloved handsOuter pouch for scale labelsDark blue tint protects deli meats from spoiling from lightingFreezer safe

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14" X 14" + 6 BG