6″ X 8″ Tamper Evident


Size : 6" X 8"

Gauge :

Case Pack : 1000

Weight : 14.3 lbs

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Buy 6 : $146.21 (Incl. 5% discount)
Buy 11 : $138.51 (Incl. 10% discount)

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StaVAC is a cost-effective, FDA-approved film that is used extensively for demanding home vacuum applications. It was developed specifically for use with home vacuum machines that cannot function with a flat industrial-grade vacuum bag. The StaVAC deep diamond embossed material is employed on one side of the pouch, while the other side can be one of many different material options to customize the pouch to specific application requirements. The film’s extensibility (ability to stretch) allows it to conform to unique product geometry for a tight vacuum. Low oxygen transfer rate, high impact resistance, and its low cost make it popular with meat, fish, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, jerky, and other snack packaging. It can also be used in boilable applications to 30 minutes of exposure.

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Weight 14.3 lbs



6" X 8"