18″ X 20″ Value Plus Poly Pan Liner – 9 & 11 Quart Round Pans

SKU : PTL1820

Size : 18" X 20"

Gauge : 0.48

Case Pack : 200

Weight : 3.72 lbs

Buy 1 : $94.88
Buy 6 : $90.13 (Incl. 5% discount)
Buy 11 : $85.39 (Incl. 10% discount)

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Value Plus Poly Pan Liners are made from an exclusive PTL material that gives great performance at a fraction of the cost of Nylon pan liners. Use Value Plus Poly Pan Liners to protect oven baking and roasting pans, steam table serving pans and cooking pots and more to make clean up a breeze. Using these popular pan liners is a great way to save on labor/clean up of cooking pans in busy kitchens. They also preserve the life of pans by acting as a physical barrier to sticky and baked-on residue and thus avoiding the repetitive scrubbing that reduces the life of the pan. The liner bags are designed to withstand temperatures from +400 degrees F to -100 degrees F, so they can be used for short term food storage as well.Fits 9 & 11 Quart Round Pans (11″ Diameter X 8 13/16″ Deep)Save money by reducing amount of labor required for clean up in busy kitchensValue Plus Poly Pan Liners cost significantly less than Poly Nylon Pan LinersUniversal is the exclusive U.S. manufacturer for PTL Pan Liner materialTemperature range is from -100°F to 400°FThinner gauge provides better flexibility

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Weight 3.72 lbs



18" X 20"






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