12″ X 12″ Pink Anti-Static Seal Top Bag

SKU : FASST41212

Size : 12" X 12"

Gauge : 4

Case Pack : 1,000

Weight : 48.8 lbs

Buy 1 : $318.48
Buy 6 : $302.56 (Incl. 5% discount)
Buy 11 : $286.64 (Incl. 10% discount)

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Pink Anti-Static seal top bags are excellent for protective storage of sensitive electronic components that must be accessed multiple times. The pink anti-static material contains additives that effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage during packaging, storing and shipping. It has a surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/sq.in. and is amine-free, so it won’t damage sensitive polycarbonate boards. Choose Pink Anti-Static material when static control is necessary but Faraday Cage Protection is NOT required.Effectively eliminates the hazard of static damage to sensitive electronic components during packaging, storing and shippingConvenient seal top closureAmine free

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Weight 48.8 lbs



12" X 12"






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